Anne Casteu was born in France in 1957.

She studied Architecture at the famous Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, one of the most influential fine arts schools in France.

Anne has long been passionate about collage techniques which she has developed over the years. Materials used include acrylic, materials, wood and paper, all sourced intuitively in at times the most unexpected of places. Her work is refined yet subtle in its gentle elegance.

The artist finds her inspiration on her travels, in natural environments including deserts. A multitude of colours/colors inspire dreams, a sense of serenity.

Anne Casteu has had a number of successful private exhibitions; her works have also been shown in museums, art galleries and fairs and sold at fine arts auction houses.

Je me laisse mener par l'œuvre en train de naître.

Elle me raconte une histoire et guide mes mains sans même que je réfléchisse.